Every year, during Autism Walk, the sisters host a booth to provide child friendly activities to the children walking around in the Resource Fair. We do face painting, finger painting and other activities which the children enjoy very much. 

Autism Walk

Dance Marathon for pediatric aids

Panty drive for rape clinics

This annual social justice concert is dedicated to raising awareness of the Armenian Genocide. It unites activists and musicians in an attempt to end the perpetration of genocide globally.  AΓA sisters are involved in selling tickets for the concerts, and all the proceeds from the sales are given to Orran, a community center in Armenia.

     Project Secret Santa was founded by Alpha Gamma Alpha in 2004. The first year, we sponsored one classroom of 20 students. Thirteen years later, we are able to provide toys and books for the entire second grade, consisting of over 260 students, at Vaughn Street Elementary!!
      Right before Christmas, children at the elementary school write Santa a letter about a gift they would like to receive.  With the help of our sisters, alumni, and other beneficiaries, we match each child with what they want. Project Secret Santa provides gifts for children who would  not receive one otherwise for Christmas.

...And Everything in Between

Project Secret Santa

 UCLA Alpha Gamma Alpha 

International Women's Day

Silence the Lies, Rock the Truth